Adamusic Minting Service

This is a free service for every artists that wants to utilize it,
or if you would like to try yourself, check out the minting guides

Adamusic will use NFT-Maker Pro to mint and possibly list releases on the NFT-Maker Pro marketplace.
We do not know yet how the listing proccess will work, so this will be researched and stated when applicable.

As seen in the minting guide videos, each artist will get their own "Project" with their own PolicyID.
Each release from an artist will be minted under that PolicyID for ease of verification on other marketplaces.
Artists can then choose to mint 1/1 NFTs or multiple FTs.

So how to do you approach this as an musician/artist?

1. You send the track/tracks, cover art and info you would like in the metadata.
2. Adamusic uploads and ready the track for mint, then ask you to verify.
3. Provide you with mint links to your release for use on your preffered site

Info may change

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